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Volunteer Nepal National Group Are Looking For Volunteers

Volunteer Nepal National Group (Volnepal, VNNG) is a local, independent,non-profit organization.  VNNG was founded in 2000 and registered with the Chief District Administration Office and the Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu in 2004.

VNNG was created to implement new initiatives and platforms that could better answer the need for communication between volunteers and community groups with NGOs operating both locally and internationally.

VNNG partners with organizations to support community leaders and youth workers in Community Building, Rural Development, Education and Sustainability efforts.  Our model, which forms the basis for much of our
work, is an adaptable approach to community building in which youths and adults work as partners to examine community resources, develop a community vision, and take action to create meaningful change.

We work to assist and improve the welfare of the underprivileged in our society. Our work includes community rural sustainability development, education and capacity building, information communication,
technology,literacy, economically self-sustaining activities, women and children gender issues, and consultancy.

VNNG Vision:

To help create and promote a healthy community, which is not economically and socially stable but has a restorable, sustainable environment for future generations.

VNNG Mission:

Our mission is to organize grassroots nonprofits and NGO\'s from a diversity of sectors and to coordinate these organizations efforts to eliminate poverties causes and symptoms, in different communities through
the implementation of ideas, funds and volunteers.

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Voluntary Work In Nepal With Volunteer Nepal National Group
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