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WWOOF Japan Can Place Travellers And Holiday Makers With Host Families On Organic Farms, Ski Resorts & Holiday Inns Throughout Japan

WWOOF Japan is a program facilitating travellers and holiday makers to visit hosts around Japan and receive meals, boarding, learning and be part of the family or community at no financial cost, in return for assisting the host with the ork they do.

WWOOF hosts include farms, holiday inns, ski resorts, and more. A 12 month membership is 4000 yen allowing you to visit as many places as you like.

We do have hosts that will accept people all year round. Please have a look at and see information on what a WWOOF Japan membership will give you.

You can join and pay online via our website or pay at any post office
throughout Japan - see the website for details. Members have access to bilingual forms from our website to use to communicate with hosts and make plans that best suit them. WWOOF is a great way to see Japan away from your daily grind. You can arrange to visit a host for just a day or two or for longer periods, or start out with a day or two and extend if you like it.

Check out our website for all the details at

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