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Netherlands Working Holiday Visa Information

Citizens of full European (EFTA, EEA) Member Countries are able to live and work in The Netherlands without a visa or work permit.

The Netherlands has a working Holiday Scheme available to young people from Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Canada, it allows them to visit the Netherlands for a maximum of one year, they may do temporary work to finance their holiday in the Netherlands.

To be eligible for this permit, you have to meet a number of requirements. You must

* Be aged between 18 and 30

* Satisfy the visa officer that the primary intention is to holiday in the Netherlands, with employment being an incidental rather than a primary reason for the visit

* Confirm intended place of stay

* Be aged between 18 and 30 years, both inclusive, at the time of application

* Possess a national passport valid for at least fifteen months

* Possess a return ticket or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket

*Possess sufficient funds to cover your stay in the Netherlands, at the discretion of the relevant authorities

* Have full medical insurance cover for the Netherlands valid for a minimum of twelve months from date of entry into the Netherlands

*Not be accompanied by children.

For further information or to apply contact at the Dutch Embassies in Canberra, Wellington, Ottawa and London or visit Netherlands Embassies

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General Netherlands Visa Information

If you intend to visit Netherlands, on holiday, a business trip, to study, work, volunteer or as an emigrant you should get up to date and accurate information from the official website of Netherlands Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

Taxback Provide A Tax Refund Service For Those That Have Worked Overseas Including The Netherlands.

For up to date information on visa requirements, you can also check with the Embassy or Consulate of the Netherlands before you travel.

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