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Volunteer In India Offer A Variety Of Projects In Dharamsala, Patiala, Kerala, Leh And Rishikesh India.

We at Volunteer in India offer only a selected few projects in each city which enables us to maintain the quality of the placement and ensure 24×7 support to our volunteers. We absolutely love India and want you all experience the same through our hand picked projects.

The projects have been selected considering the local region and the prevalent problems that that region faces and how we can get our volunteers to help. Projects like Traditional Medicine in Kerala, Nunnery Project in LadakhGirls Orphanage in Patiala were pioneered by us and we were the first ones to introduce them and we still are the only one.

We have also given special consideration to the local and cultural significance of each city to ensure that you just don’t get you to volunteer but also give you a raw, true taste of India. If you cant decide among our awesome projects then please fill in our application form and provide us with more details about yourself, your experience, hobbies and we would then get back to you with the best project and location for you.


Our team works at these orphanages to make a difference in the lives of deprived and neglected children. You as a volunteer would work to assist the staff at the orphanage to help developing new extra curricular activities, supporting orphans by playing games, songs, dancing, drawing pictures, teaching English, computers, keep the premises clean and the children clean etc. Volunteers are especially encouraged to talk to kids about hygiene practices, safety, marriages, women issues, safe sex practices, importance of education, being self-dependent and self-esteem.

Women Support

Our volunteers work with local organizations, which are setup for women development. These organizations run centers which strive not only to provide women moral support but also help them learning vocational skills, which would help the women in income generation and be independent. Other areas where these organizations help are language skills, health education such as HIV/AIDS, child rearing, nutrition, and sanitation.

Tibetan Refuges

Our program is aimed at helping and empowering the local refugee Tibetan community which are on exile from their home country and are on search for a better life in India. Under the Tibetan refugee project volunteers Volunteer work to teach English, maths, science, Computer , Social skills, Vocational training to Monks, Nuns and adults who have migrated from Tibetan and are trying to settle in India but find it tough as they are not exposed to this modern life. Volunteers also help with conversation classes. Its a challenging project but at the same time a great learning experience as you get a chance to experience the Tibetan culture, understand their problems and help them with their cause.

Special Education

Our special education program is associated with organizations and NGO’s, which are dedicated to the development of these children by providing them necessary basic education. Our volunteers work with staff to provide them assistance in overall management of the institution and teachers to provide them assistance in working one-to-one with the children. Volunteers help with teaching basic language skills, games, preparing sign charts, life skills, vocational skills, music, dance. Volunteers with education or previous experience in special education are encouraged to bring in new ideas, initiative to help create lessons and plan extra curricular activities. Volunteers work for 5 – 6 hours per day, 5 days a week.

Traditional Medicine

Ayurveda stresses the use of plant-based medicines and treatments. Hundreds of plant-based medicines are employed, including cardamom and cinnamon. Some animal products may also be used, for example milk, bones, and gallstones. Volunteers spend the first few days with the Ayurveda practitioner (or a Vadhiyar as he is called locally) learning the practices in Ayurveda, art of recognizing medicinal plants, medicine making, use of medicines, understanding learning the treatment process and helping the Vadiyar in treating patients. Once the volunteers gain more confidence they then directly get onto treating patients under the guidance of the Vadhiyar. Its a great program where volunteer get a chance to learn and experience the ancient science of healing and at the same time practice it for community service.

For more information and to apply please visit

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