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Our main objective is to promote a lasting change in the lives of the families that live in underprivileged communities. Voluntario Global was founded in 2005, and has since been involved in various social projects
including community centres, orphanages, small English schools and other social institutions.

We provide an opportunity for people to integrate themselves into the communities of Buenos Aires, sharing their unique skills and supporting grassroots initiatives that work to help people improve their lives.
Voluntario Global offers various programs for volunteers, these range from 4 weeks experience programs to professional unpaid internships.

There are clearly no magical solutions. When there is social inequality and high unemployment, there is often poverty and general misunderstanding between different socioeconomic classes. Nevertheless, it is possible to progress, if everyone is willing to help.

Some of our new projects include:

Volunteering with Children
Teaching English to Children and Teenagers
Working in a Community Centre (Radio Station or Press Office)
Volunteering in Sustainable Development projects
Volunteering in a Health Care Centre
Professional Internship in NGO Communication & Marketing
Professional Internship in Environmental & Responsible Tourism
Professional Internship in Filming and Photography
Professional Internship in Graphic Design
Professional Internship in Journalism
Translator and Content Editor

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Voluntary Social Projects In Buenos Aires Argentina With Voluntario Global
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