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Voluntary Work In The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, a Caribbean nation that borders Haiti on the island of Hispaniola needs volunteers in its struggle to attain a higher quality of life. In a country with a population of nine million, such basic human needs as clean drinking water and proper sanitation are sometimes almost impossible to come by.

The Dominican Republic is facing fundamental development challenges ranging from extreme poverty to deficiencies in the health sector. Weaknesses in government and social structures are an added problem. This vicious cycle and limited personal growth should be detained by improving education standards and the infrastructure of the health sector.

Voluntary projects across the Dominican Republic include community development, conservation and English teaching.

Frontiers Projects In The Dominican Republic Include Teaching, Sports Coaching And Work In An Orphanage.
Hosts Offer Accommodation And Food In Exchange For Help.
Fundacion Aldeas de Paz In Santa Barbara de Samana, the Dominican Republic Welcomes Individual Volunteers, Interns, Families And Groups Regardless Of Age, Experience Or Background To Take Part In A Number Of Projects.

If you intend to visit Dominican Republic, on holiday, a business trip, to study, work, volunteer or as an emigrant you should get up to date and accurate information from the official website of the Republica Dominicana Secretaria Estado De Relaciones Exteriores

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