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Travel Safety

As a partner in the Know Before You Go campaign, we are working with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to do all that we can to help Travellers stay safe overseas.

If you are travelling abroad make sure you are well prepared and have a safe trip, a summary of things to do before you go are...

Get Travel Insurance and check that the cover is appropriate.

Before visiting a country that has recently had political trouble or that could turn into a war zone, check the current situation by visiting the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website

Make sure you do not carry too much cash, take travellers cheques and a bank card (Keeping a record of their numbers and issuers emergency telephone numbers separately)

Get a good Guide Book and get to know your destination thoroughly finding out about local laws and customs.

Health precautions vary from country to country so check what vaccinations you need at least 6 weeks before you go and get up to date Medical Information on your destination country

Ensure you have a valid Passport And The Necessary Visas.

Make sure the agent you use to book your travel is accredited by your national association of travel agents.

Make copies of your passport, insurance policy plus 24-hour emergency number, ticket details and leave copies with family and friends.

Leave a copy of your itinerary and a way of contacting you such as e-mail, with family and friends.

Further travel safety information including advice on specific countries, travel insurance, passports and visas, medical information, laws and customs, advice for women travellers and information on what to do if something does go wrong can be found at

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 Safe Travel Provide Safety Tips And Advice For Travellers


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