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Travel Insurance

Before you travel overseas we advise that you get travel insurance and check that the cover is appropriate.

Companies Providing Travel Insurance

Whilst you are travelling it is possible that things could go wrong you could fall ill or have an accident, have money or luggage stolen, your travels might be cancelled or cut short through injury or illness.

All these risks and more can be covered by a travel insurance policy without this if anything happens, cost incurred could run into the hundreds and even thousands very quickly.

It is essential to know what your policy covers and check that it includes comprehensive medical and repatriation cover

Make sure it provides cover for the duration of your trip

If you are planning to take part in hazardous sports check this is included in your policy

Be sure to let the insurance company know if you have any pre-existing medical conditions

Take the policy number and emergency contact telephone number for the insurers with you

Any doubts you may have regarding you policy, ask your insurance company

Further travel safety information including advice on specific countries, travel insurance, passports and visas, medical information, laws and customs, advice for women travellers and information on what to do if something does go wrong can be found at

Travel Insurance Links

Available To Residents Of Many Countries


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