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Safe Passage Recruit Volunteers To Work With Children In Guatemala City

Are you interested in traveling to Guatemala to learn more about the culture and spend time with like-minded individuals? Do you have the motivation and perseverance to overcome a difficult challenge? Do you thrive on creativity, confidence, respect for others, the ability to think critically to solve problems? Do you give generously of your time, energy and talent?

Then you should apply to be a Safe Passage volunteer!

The Guatemala City dump is one of the largest landfills in Central America. Surrounding the dump, more than 60,000 people live in extreme poverty in the dump community. With limited opportunities and training, many adults struggle to make a living in the informal dump community. Hanley Denning founded Safe Passage in 1999 to help these families.

Safe Passage touches the lives of thousands of people, providing opportunities and building futures through the power of education. In 2012, the Guatemalan Ministry of Education welcomed our proposal to operate an independent, accredited full-day school. Today, over 500 children, ranging in age from 2 to 21 years, are currently enrolled at Safe Passage. More than 50 adults participate in Adult Literacy and 40 mothers are members of Creamos. Safe Passage offers comprehensive, progressive, holistic education and social support focused on three key areas:

Full Day Education: Safe Passage offers early childhood education to students from age two utilizing the Planting Seeds methodology to develop pre-math and reading skills through play and collaboration. Full-day students receive two balanced meals per day, healthy snacks, and vitamins.

Half Day Educational Reinforcement: Public school students receive 4 hours of after-school enrichment programs at Safe Passage, choosing from Sports, English lessons, computer lab, creative expression, health education, and Próximo Paso (Next Step) career counseling. Saturday clubs complement weekday studies and provide opportunities for students to engage with peers in a safe, welcoming environment.

Adult Literacy and Creamos Social Entrepreneurship: More than 50 adult students participate in daily reading and writing exercises, tutoring, and computer literacy training to prepare them for graduation. Our social entrepreneurship program took root in 2008, when mothers in our Adult Literacy program began making recycled paper beads. Those beads were the seeds that grew into Creamos, a group of 40 moms transforming discarded plastic bags into handbags and totes, and discarded paper into jewelry.

Volunteers are a vital and essential part of our program. They work in collaboration with our Guatemalan staff, and national and international volunteers, to provide the physical and emotional support necessary for the children in our program to break the cycle of poverty through the power of education.

We are always looking for energetic and dedicated people to be a part of our volunteer team. If you are ready to have your heart tugged, your mind stretched, your muscles exhausted, and your sense of justice for the world enlarged, please read about our volunteer program on our website at When you’re ready to begin your journey, E-Mail Safe Passage

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