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The Robbooker Voluntary Organization Look For Volunteers To Work In Orphanages In Ghana

Due to extreme poverty, neglect and abuse, many children in Ghana are forced to leave their homes. These children live in the streets under harsh conditions. The society also looks down upon them. Some children who
have lost their parents also choose to come to the streets and lead their lives with alms.

This project that includes orphanage and day care center for children is an opportunity for these street children to live and learn under one roof until they are adopted or placed with family members who can take better care of them.

Most of the orphanages in Ghana are resource poor, under staffed, and are facing lots of problems to run their programs. The orphanage needs extra pairs of hands to help with the day-to-day running of the project with works like cleaning, cooking and serving food to the children. Volunteers are also required to provide some basic English education to the children, and organize physical and sports lessons and assist the staff in
counseling the children.

Role of Volunteer

The job responsibilities of orphanage volunteers in Ghana depend on the need of the orphanage as well as the skills and interests of the volunteers. However, the volunteers will be involved in the following

Teach basic English
Develop creative programs such as dance, arts, music, etc.
Clean, cook and serve food
Organize physical and sports activities
Assist the staff in counseling the children

Skills/Qualifications Needed

There is no of specific qualification required for orphanage project in Ghana. However, volunteer interested to work for orphans must have love for the kids and willingness to share their time and compassion with
patience and high flexibility.


R.V.O-GHANA manages room/food for volunteer. Volunteers stay with the host family. In most of the cases, volunteer stay with kids in the orphanage where we manage a separate room and local meals three times a day.
Volunteer will also have 24/7 access to our office in Ghana and mobile number of our coordinators. Moreover, head of the orphanage serves as a local contact person for volunteers. Our staffs also visit volunteers in each 1-2 week interval as a part of the program.

Location Descriptions

Orphanage project is in various towns including Kumasi and Hohoe,Accra,Tema,Koforidua,Cape coast and Sunyani with shops, banks & internet cafes nearby. Ghana \'s vibrant cities are renowned for its
friendly atmosphere where visitors are always welcomed. It\'s full of contrasts: from traditional culture and history to modern infrastructure and most of the amenities you would expect from a city.

Volunteers can organize different possible excursions during and after the project to visit places of interest. There is a tourist infrastructure already in place the volunteer can use during weekends. For example: water
falls, monkey sanctuary, markets, purple princess designs, mountain biking, drumming school, community based eco-tourism project, Volta river, Pottery village, hotels, Kente weaving studio and many more.

A typical day of a volunteer in the Project

Morning: Help the children to brush their teeth and get dressed. Serve breakfast and tidy their beds. Teach the children about health and hygiene

Day: Serve Lunch. Take care of the children in the orphanage. Help them to learn some basic conversational English in fun and playful manner. Arrange for activities like games, music, drawing, etc. Bring children back from school and help them in their homework

Evening: Serve dinner to the children. Help in the kitchen and also in washing dishes, clothes and cleaning of the orphanage premises

For more details,please visit our website at:

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Volunteer Opportunities In Ghana With Robbooker Voluntary Organisation

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