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Road2Argentina Provide Volunteer Opportunities In Various Areas Of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Volunteering Options Include Working With At-Risk Women And Children, Teaching English, Community Development, And Many More.

The Road2Argentina volunteer program in Argentina is designed for people looking for an opportunity to help others in Argentina and improve their Spanish skills in an immersion environment. Road2Argentina places volunteers at local non-profit organizations in Buenos Aires where they assist in a variety of ongoing projects.
Road2Argentina believes that volunteering abroad is important not only because it helps those most in need, but also because it exposes travelers to a part of life that they wouldn't normally experience as a tourist.

“Road2Argentina set me up as an assistant teacher at a preschool. Every afternoon began with waking the kids after their naps, putting away sleeping mats, helping the kids put on their shoes, brushing their teeth, and washing their hands. After that we would sing, play games, draw, and play outside in the courtyard. “ 

 “Getting to be a part of these kids lives was rewarding in itself; getting to see them grow and evolve as people, even in the short four months I worked with them, was an incredible experience. These kids are faced with so many hardships, and yet they still possess this incredible optimism, innocence, and imagination.”

“I had a various different jobs and tasks to do at my Road2Argentina placement. Some days, I would go to Villa Soldati to help the teachers at the library teach basic math and English to the kids. This was great since it gave me the opportunity to practice my Spanish since I had to explain everything in Spanish. Other days, I would help with administrative work, such as working to expand the organizations partners/volunteers by contacting colleges in the states to offer our volunteer programs in their study abroad offices. This was probably my favorite part.”

Please visit our website at for complete volunteer listings and availability.

For more information on Road2Argentina volunteer programs, E-Mail Road 2 Argentina or by calling +54-11-6379-9391 (U.S. Toll-Free 1-800-998-9251)

Road2Argentina Website:

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Volunteer Opportunities In Buenos Aires Argentina With Road2Argentina
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