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Awesome Volunteering and Non-Paid Internship Opportunities Abroad - Ghana

Volunteering is the act of offering services with one’s own free will without the expectations of any pay. It is also an opportunistic way of having travel and working experiences which gives back to the communities. Volunteering is something done whole heartedly as a service to humanity. Due to the experiences, personality and various skills, one can make an amazing difference in others’ lives.

We have a range of project types available including:

Volunteers are placed at orphanages and care centres where they are positioned to various types of duties on rotational basis. They will spend part of their time to provide friendship to both orphans and children in the generously proportioned communities. Volunteers will also help orphans with the organisation of activities and also have the opportunity to listen to the life challenging stories of the orphans and serve to them as a mentor. The volunteers will be able to share stories too in a private one -on-one context, and potentially pose to orphans as true role model.

Volunteers can teach in primary and junior high school, where volunteers being placed in communities - cities and villages (urban and rural settings) in Ghana, where they are to teach English as well as other subjects to the local children. You must be teaching the English as well as mathematics, general knowledge, ICT and science to the children. The skills, knowledge and ideas that the volunteers from other cultures can be invaluable to students, they are therefore mainly to teach the children in their various villages. The children rarely get to learn from non-Ghanaian speakers of the English language, though is the official language of Ghana. Volunteers do help children ready to learn and not necessarily be from a native English speaking country.

Volunteers might find themselves teaching in the midst of children with no roof on their heads (kids in the open air, learning with no pencils or chalkboard). Lesson plans with the aids of local school and OGVO will be provided including; teaching curriculum. Results are truly amazing due to creativity and improvisational teaching methods, being the key and at times challenges to the experienced teacher. Volunteers are allowed to come in along with their teaching aids such as picture books, flash cards, art supply instruments etc.

Participants will work directly with doctors and nurses to heal patients in Ghana, by exploiting their medical knowledge and actively with the day-day operations of hospitals and medical centres.
Medical care being one of the basic human rights should be accessible to all human beings. Hospitals and clinics that we work with are striving to fulfil the need and are always in the need of additional duo of hands.

Assistance is being given by volunteers/interns to doctors, nurses and other health care staff in hospitals and community clinics in Ghana, West Africa under this project. Whilst the skilful or qualified nurses and doctors assist the provision of day-day treatments of illness, medical and nursing students are given the opportunity to work in several departments including paediatrics, maternity, A&E, mental health and surgery. Therefore to gain a valuable experience in a selected field where medical practices might differ considerably to what one is used to, is an excellent opportunity, though these experiences are at times challenging but also immensely rewarding to interns/volunteers.

Placements of health care offer exceptional learning opportunities and allow interns to use pre-existing knowledge on medicals to be actively involved in the day-day operations of the hospital and working directly with doctors and nurses to heal patients and meet their dire need. OGVO medical/nursing programs are based in and around cities in Ghana with volunteers working in one of the six busy hospitals/clinics catering to over 1.5 million people. Interns/volunteer nurses do have option to take part in regular medical outreach work. It can be a visitation to a local orphanage or treating children in remote villages where medical assistance is in dreadful or dire need.

Volunteers will be able to harness children’s enthusiasm and teach them how to utilize their raw talent more effectively and in a structured way. Though the children are known not to have the opportunity to receive or acquire proper coaching at a young age and lack the basic ball skills and understanding of the game compared to those in Europe. OGVO do have correlations with many schools and youth sports club/organisation in Ghana who affectionately welcomes our sports volunteers especially football enthusiast volunteers. You will coach football during lesson times and coach the school team after school. Volunteer can also help on running a football tournament occasionally held against other schools. The game football is played by millions across the country on typical African dirt pitches.

Volunteer will also combine his coaching with some regular or basic teachings like the English as a result having a wider array of experience and enabling you get to know your students even better. Sports coaching volunteers on OGVO Ghana programs provide priceless chances and opportunity for young people to partake and get involved in sports and obtain several benefits related to the playing of sports. Our volunteers work with local sports clubs/organisations and schools in Ghana that organise numerous activities.

Interns do play a very significant role by assisting environmental conservation organisation, to attain their ambitions and desires. Environmental conservation organise programs that emphasise on the protection and enhancement of parks and other natural areas through a range of activities. Therefore by joining this program, one will be exposed to all aspects of conservation involving the environment. One will also assist with the variety of conservation projects including; the assistance of site restoration, tree planting, maintenance and care of planning sites, administrative assistance.
Interns who are also willing to work with the nursery section of the project are welcomed. Interns are therefore needed to participate in the following activities; tree nursery, transplanting, picking of seedlings, filling of the seed bag, watering of the nursery, fetching of water. Volunteers will be working with either Wild life Division or Ghana forestry.

• You must be 16 years or over at the start of the program.
• You must be able to speak English.
• You must at least have a high school education if you want to perform formal teaching activities to the local communities.
• Doctors and nurses must send us a copy of their medical or nursing license.
• Medical and nursing students must send us a letter from their school advisor confirming enrolment status.

We pride ourselves for our flexibility. You can arrive any day of the year with advanced notice.

You can volunteer for periods of 1 week to 6 months. Extensions can be arranged with advanced notice as well.

We have volunteer and intern work placements in both urban and rural areas in Ghana including Accra, Koforidua, Kumasi, Cape Coast, Kwamoso, Salt Pond,Swedru,Tepa, Boaben-Fiema, Bibiani, Boako, Wassa Akropong, Wale Wale, Mampong, Asafo, Buduburam, and many more.

All accommodation with a Ghana home-stay family is included. Rooms are private and have all the basic furnishings you could expect, including running water, electricity & clean bathrooms. The home-stay families have been specially chosen by OGVO and have hosted many volunteers over the course of several years. Our home-stay families form some of the most memorable parts of Volunteer/Intern Programs and provide amazing insight into traditional Ghana life, as well as creating friendships that last a lifetime.

Three meals a day are provided by the home-stay families and consist mainly of traditional Ghanaian meals with some flexibility for home comforts when available. If you have special eating needs, you can indicate that while applying. Even though special eating needs are not something we can guarantee, we will do our best to meet your needs.

You will work 5 days a week, leaving you two free days (Saturday & Sunday) to explore the area. You'll work around 4 to 9 hours per day.

During weekends Volunteers/Interns have the opportunity to visit all that Ghana has to offer. Weekend trips available include visits to Mole National Park in the Northern Region of Ghana. This National Park offers a great Safari-like experience and is one of the biggest Elephant Sanctuaries in Africa with the chance to spot Lions, Leopards & Antelopes in their natural habitat.Volunteers can also take a trip to Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana to relax in the beautiful beaches and see the famous Cape Coast castle, the Kakum Canopy walkway and Elmina castle, where slave trade begun.

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