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Ninukot Offers Seasonal Or Short Term Work In Iceland All Year Round. 

Ninukot offers an unique opportunity to visit Iceland and experience it as a native.

You will work and live with Icelanders in the beautiful countryside; make new friends, learn a new language and challenge yourself in a new and different environment.

Ninukot offers work in several sectors.  You can choose from working on a farm milking cows or gathering hay, meet people from all over the world in a country hotel, grow vegetables in greenhouses, take care of children and a household,  and a selection of other jobs all around Iceland.  

Ninukot can also provide unpaid internship placements in multiple fields upon request. 

 Ninukot offers work in the following fields:

The work places are located all around Iceland, both in the countryside and in villages and towns.

Majority of our work places are owned and managed by their owners, for example a family operated farm or a owner managed hotel or a restaurant.

Please note! Only EEA citizens are eligible to apply for work through Ninukot.  Romania and Bulgaria CAN NOT apply until 2012 American, African and Asian citizens CAN NOT apply for work through Ninuko.

Please See Our Latest Jobs Here:

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Seasonal Jobs In Iceland With Ninukot
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