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Volunteer Work, Adventure & Educational Travel in South America With Lead Adventures

South America is fast-becoming the hottest destination for travelers today. It offers a unique blend of cultures, natural wonders and unrivalled experiences that can stimulate the imagination and change lives forever. Whether you are young or mature, shy or extroverted, laid-back or adventurous, Lead Adventures has something for everyone. Explore the most extreme South American landscapes from the Andes to the Amazon rainforest and from white sandy beaches to the unique island ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands. South America is rich in its natural diversity with an abundance of natural wonders to explore.

Lead Adventures challenges you not only to visit these beautiful regions, but also to make a difference in the world today. We offer a range of opportunities for you to help save and preserve the unique wildlife, learn what makes the Latin culture so unique and get involved in community projects, sports development, teaching assignments and more.

Lead Adventures are local specialists who know Ecuador intimately and provide over 30 different volunteer programs throughout South America.  We offer you the chance to make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate, whilst gaining a unique opportunity to live and work with professionals and integrate in a local culture. Live with like-minded volunteers and quickly make new friends. Time off can be spent exploring the locality and furthering your adventures. Spending time on one of our eco-friendly projects or assisting in a humanitarian project will give you a unique travel experience whilst changing lives forever, including your own

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