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What Our Visitors Say

I'm a gratefull user of your website. I have now landed my 3rd! job from your website and am happy beyond belief ! Every traveller/worker I have met uses your service now and Employers I have spoken too are very happy with you guys to. You take the hard work out of finding temp jobs and have given so many people a chance to go somewhere new and have an adventure. Thank you for your hard work and long live

Gregory Miller, UK

After a frustrating week of dealing with agencies and door knocking looking for live-in work, we logged onto your site and found a range of excellent positions available. A phone call and an email later, we had packed our bags, ready to work. The hotel advertised on the website was fantastic and we both thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Red Lion Inn, Hawkshead - pop in if you are in the Lake District. I highly recommend this website for any travellers looking for work.

Paul & Jane,Australia

Basically I just HAD to write and say thank you for having the most amazing site. I'm planning my gap year and although it's a while away (it'll begin the summer of 2003) I thought I should start looking for the kind of work available etc. Your site is truely amazing. I've been on literally hundreds of sites but yours was exactly what I was looking for, Cheers !

Amanda, UK

I would just like to say how pleased I am with this service, I have applied for a number of jobs through your service and have lined up quite a few interviews, with help from you, this site is a very good service, the pages are accurate and load up very quickley I will certainly be passing on the address to all my friends and family in hope that they may also find employment in the near future,


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