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Work And Travel Experiences

Let Us Know Of Your Work And Travel Experiences

Working As A Snorkeling Instructor In Spain " Taking the kids snorkeling in the coves was amazing fun and the nightlife afterwork was great "

Working As Ground Crew For Hot Air Balloon Company In Burgundy And The Loire Valley In France " It was an unforgettable experience, its about as far from the rat race as you can get ! "

Teaching English To Middle School Students And Adults In Beijing, China "I loved the satisfaction that came with helping people acquire a valuable tool "

Working As An Au Pair In America " I went to America not knowing anybody.  On the first day I'd already made friends that I still see.  My group of friends were really nice.  It could not have been better !"

Working In A Backpackers Hostel In Corfu " I really enjoyed meeting crazy people from all over the world "

Voluntary Teaching In Darjeeling, India " I got more job satisfaction out of this than anything I have done in my life "

Bar Maid In A Hotel In Western Australia " The most enjoyable part was getting to know all the local characters and learning about the realities of life in the outback "

Watersports Instructor In South America " I taught 40 different cultures to enjoy sports and my performances at night, made alot of friends and tried new sports "

Kitchen/Bar Assistant At An Activity Centre In Southern France " Getting away is great for your confidence, don't be afraid to give it a go "

Bar/Waiting In A Windsurf Club In Karpathos, Greece " I learned how to mix cocktails, improved my English and started windsurfing "

Childrens Club Representative In Brittany, France "I would really recommend this to others. It was the best job I've ever had !"

Housekeeping In An Activity Centre In Switzerland " We got one day off a week to see Switzerland, which is such a beautiful country. The company gave us a chance to try adventure sports and threw us a great staff party "

Teaching English In Poland "I got to know the students, they were great ! and also the feeling that I was doing something worthwhile. I learnt new management skills and how to lead a group"

Children's Rep in Tignes, French Alps "I would definately recommend it to others, it will be my 3rd season this year and can't wait to get back. As long as you're up for a laugh, willing to work-hard and play-hard ....... You will have a blast ! "

Fruit Picking In Kent, UK " It was a lot of fun and at least a change to normality ! "

Bar Manager In Schladming, Austria " The Bar position was in a ski resort so I spent 5 months skiing. I gained experience of many aspects of bar management and met many new friends, It was brilliant ! "

Barge Hostess On The Canal Du Midi " The experience improved my french I also learnt about french cheeses and wines and french cooking in the region. I would, without a doubt recommend it to others and I hope to go back and do another season next year "

Strawberry Picking On Samso Island Denmark " The social atmosphere is very good and I met lots of lovely people, it's like being on holiday all the time, Working outside in the summer is excellent "

Conservation Research Assistant in Kilombero Valley, Tanzania " Having no electricity or running water took some getting used to but you know it's worth it when you wake up one morning and there's a herd of elephant bathing within a stone's through of your mosquito net."



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