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Teaching & Education Jobs

If you have a passion to teach and are open to new cultures, teaching abroad may be for you. There are teaching positions in many disciplines and languages around the world.

There is a wide variety of teaching opportunities in many countries. Although teaching skills, qualifications and/or experience are a definate advantage, they are not necessarily essential for all opportunities, being a native speaker is sometimes sufficient

Millions of people from around the world wish to learn English therefore opportunities can be found in many countries Teaching English As A Foreign Language (TEFL)

Most Language schools operate throughout the academic year, with many summer schools, particularly in Britain running throughout the summer months, consequently there is a demand for EFL teachers, councellors and monitors at this time.

Aside from teaching positions in a university or a language school, there are also 'volunteer' teaching positions open to any age. Many volunteer teaching placements exist in developing countries.

The amount of money a teacher abroad makes is relative to their position, qualifications and destination. Many teachers make extra pay teaching additional classes or tutoring individual students. Some employers provide free accommodation and utilities to help teachers cope with the cost. Some provide additional benefits like reimbursing your air fare and providing medical insurance. Offers vary from one destination to another.

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