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Jobs On Boats, Ships And Barges

There are a wide variety of jobs available on boats, barges, yachts, cruise liners and fishing boats.

In the UK and parts of Europe there are Canal Barges converted into Hotels, these tend to operate between March and September and take on Experienced Chefs, Good Quality Cooks, Licensed Pilots, Hosts/Hostesses, deckhands and Cabin Crew. Passengers usually pay a lot for these holidays so crew are expected to be of a high standard.

Throughout the world work on Yachts & Sea Going Vessels can be picked up at busy port towns by approaching boat owners on spec, work can include cooking and cleaning. Make sure you get on with the crew before you leave port as you will be spending 24 hours a day living in each others pockets! Don't expect to find paid employment unless you are highly qualified.

Work can be found on fishing boats working out of fishing ports, this work is very, very tough but if you work hard financially rewarding usually on a profit share basis of fish caught. Once again make sure you get on with your potential ship mates.

Jobs are also available on Cruise Ships, wages are low but tips can be very profitable indeed, Cruise Liners recruit Hospitality Staff, Entertainers, Chefs & Cooks, Deck Hands, & Qualified Ship Crew.

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