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Teaching English Work Experiences

I loved the satisfaction that came with helping people acquire a valuable tool that would make it easier for them to function in the world as it is today (english being the language of commerce, etc.)

Working with the youngest children (12-13) was the most enjoyable as they were the most excited and interested

The least enjoyable was working with the oldest children (lazy and disinterested), and of course the loneliness that came from living in a country where I didn't know the language.

I would certainly recommend this to others as it is a valid learning experience.

" The teaching English abroad trip is voluntary but you get free meals, free accommodation and a free tour of Poland, they also provide you with pocket money. You have to pay for is your travel to and from Poland which is usually by coach at £90 for a return ticket. It is a four week placement but double placements are available.

I got to know the students, they were great! and also the feeling that I was doing something worthwhile. I learnt new management skills and how to lead a group.

The most enjoyable part was the free 1 week tour around Poland you get as a reward for the teaching. The least enjoyable, the coach journey to Poland, it took 25 hours! It was the cheapest way to get there and you get to travel with everyone else and meet fellow teachers so it was worth it. This is a job experience I would recommend to others "

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