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Ski And Winter Resort Work Experiences

Work involved Day to Day running of the kids club for 4 to 10 year olds, cooking lunch for them, dropping and picking up from ski school, afternnon activities like bum boarding, nature trails, arts and crafts, themed weeks (always a good one, last year complete obsession with harry potter!) mountain trips. One night a week après ski for the kids - bum boarding in the dark; not for the faint hearted! All the money we got for extra nights for was ours to keep. Saturday was transfer day and although it was a bit manic was always an experience. One kids rep goes on transfer to airport - can be up to 17hrs on your feet if there is loads of snow, the other kids rep stays in resort and cleans the kids club and meets and greets the new kids.

I got loads of fun out of the job, pleasure in seeing the kids happy and wicked people to work with. The whole season - quality, met loads of people and at the end of the day everyone has a story to tell and you meet friends that are for life. It's the University of life out there, OK. You don't get a degree but you learn so much about the person you are and what you can be.

The most enjoyable part is boarding down the best mountains ever, meeting loads of new people and living in a little bubble that's not real life! FAB! The least enjoyable part, hangovers at work !

I would definately recommend it to others, it will be my 3rd season this year and can't wait to get back. As long as you're up for a laugh, willing to work-hard and play-hard....... You will have a blast !

The Bar position was in a ski resort so I spent 5 months skiing. It was brilliant

Work Started at 4pm setting up the bar. Serving drinks to hotel guests (and staff), including table service for dinner. Closing anytime between 11pm and 3 am.

I gained experience of many aspects of bar management and met many new friends.

The most enjoyable part was making up shooters and serving to unsuspecting guests and the least enjoyable was cleaning up

I would Without a doubt Recommend This To Others

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