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Fruit Picking And Farm Work Experiences

"The Wages were paid daily and depended on the kind of fruit, bin and speed, but was usually between £25 and £72. The most enjoyable part was living together with the other fruitpickers at the camp site and least the picking itself. I would definately recommend it to others, it was a lot of fun and at least a change to normality ! "

"The best bit was the social scene, with a great atmosphere, drinking and playing music etc in our time off work. The money isn't great, camping facilities are basic and it does get hard on the back"

"The job was quite dull ... picking apples 8 hours a day and sometimes in the rain wasn't much fun although I got a really good tan and got quite fit. The best part was the people I met and the drinking and partying"

"I loved france and the farm owners who would do anything for us. I am still keep in touch with the farm owners and the other fruit pickers

" The farmer employed too many pickers so we weren't given many hours (sometimes only 2 or 3 hours a day) which meant we couldn't pick enough strawberries to earn decent money and I ended up with only 1000 euros after 6 weeks work"

"There are no 'pubs' to speak of on Samso Island and there is very little to do. If you are going to Samso I would advise working on a smaller farm"

Ceri from England worked for Chandler & Dunn in Kent.

Work involved Picking apples and pears which included a mile walk to work across fields, or a 3 mile cycle if working at the other farm.

"The pay wasn't too bad, the most enjoyable part was meeting people from other countries, Least Enjoyable was working in the rain. Would recommend it to others, if they are prepared to work hard for OK pay"

Sarah From The UK Picked Strawberrries on Samso Island In Denmark.

Work involved getting up at 5.00 am and picking Strawberries all morning.

" The social atmosphere is very good and I met lots of lovely people, it's like being on holiday all the time, Working outside in the summer is excellent"

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