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Hotel Barge Crew Work Experiences

Duties included cleaning, serving meals, providing drinks, generally looking after the passengers. some laundry and ironing.

The experience improved my french, increased my knowledge of washing machines and I discovered my veritable ironing prowess, also learnt about french cheeses and wines and french cooking in the region.

The most enjoyable part was the time off and the least enjoyable was cleaning the toilets after the guests had diahorrea and were obviously incapable of flushing. yuuuck !!!

The whole experience was fab. the two guys I was working with are great and the clients for the most part tended to be friendly. It was great to meet so many different people.

I would, without a doubt recommend it to others and I hope to go back and do another season next year.

Tasks involved cooking, cleaning, operating locks, cycling and polishing brass

It was a great opportunity to see South of England from the Canals, exercise and meet people

The most enjoyable part was sitting on top deck and taking in the scenary. Our day off and a chance to explore the villages and the least enjoyable part was the cooking.

I would recommend this opportunities to others but they should be young and fit.

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