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Sports, Outdoor And Activity Work Experiences

James from England worked as an Equipier/Ground Crew for France Montgolfiere Hot Air Balloons in Burgundy and The Loire Valley in France

Tasks day to day involved meeting and greeting the clients, setting up the balloon before take off, following the balloon whilst it is in flight then helping with the landing and packing away the balloon, then of course there's champagne afterwards. After the flight- cleaning the vehicles, filling up gas bottles and generally preparing for the next flight.

I gained a better grasp of the french language, made lots of new friends, an understanding ballooning.

The most enjoyable part was watching passengers and bystanders faces when the balloons are floating through the sky.

The least enjoyable was the very early mornings followed by late nights, every day. The weathers good- sometimes for weeks so a very random sleep pattern.

Yes I would recommend this job to others: you must be confident of driving in a foreign country with a large van and trailer, physical fitness too is a must, as the balloons are quite heavy when they're on the ground!

It was an unforgettable experience, its about as far from the rat race as you can get !

Miriam from England worked as a Kitchen/Bar Assistant for PGL Travel in Le Mas de Serrat, Southern France

Tasks involved basic food preparation/service, cleaning in the kicthen and serving drinks/snacks in the on site bar.

I learnt new skills and gained confidence.

The most enjoyable part was meeting new people, having a fun summer and getting to know the South of France.

A 6-day working week was tiring in the height of summer and this was the hardest part.

I would recommend this jobs to others. But if you've haven't been abroad before expect 2-3 weeks of feeling akward, but don't give up.

Getting away is great for your confidence, don't be afraid to give it a go.

Eija from Finland worked as a housekeeper at Haut-Lac International Centre in Les Sciernes, Switzerland

Together with two other girls, I was responsible for cleaning the building on a daily basis, including communal areas such as games rooms, offices, classrooms, dining rooms, WC s and showers as well as the students bedrooms. My duties also included stock control on cleaning supplies and dining room organisation and service.

This was one of the best summer jobs I've ever had!

The least enjoyable part was cleaning the toilets when hungover and most enjoyable was the one day off a week to see Switzerland, which is such a beautiful country!! The daily working ours were also rather short. All the people I worked with were fantastic and fun! And so were the people I worked for: they gave us lots of positive feedback, were always helpful, gave us a chance to try adventure sports and threw us a great staff party.

I would definately recommend it to others,

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