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China Links

Help Jobseekers Find Teaching Opportunities In China And South Korea
1-month TEFL course in Beijing plus paid teaching work and a Chinese school for 5 months

TEFL Course Plus Teaching Placements In China.

Local And Free Classifieds.
English Job Site For Expats, Foreigners And Bilingual Chinese
Offers More Than 135 Off The Shelf Private
Multi-City China Tour Packages To All Parts Of China.
China Travel Guide - Tours And Packages.
Vacancies are advertised here and there's also information on living and working in China.
Site With Teaching Vacancies.
Work In China Including Paid Teacher Intern Jobs, Media And Professional Internships.
Volunteering Projects And Internships In China.
Website Acts As A Bridge For Students Hoping To Gain Education Or Attend University In China
Offer Volunteer And Internship Program Placements In The Capital City Of Beijing And In Shanghai.
Small Box And Excess Baggage Shipping To The UK. Students Can Get Up To 25% Discount
One of the largest Chinese job sites with vacancies for international applicants.


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