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Incawasi Recruit Volunteers To Work With Children From Disadvantaged Areas In Cajamarca Peru

Incawasi is a non-profit organization run by local and foreign volunteers in Cajamarca, Peru. Our aim is to improve and develop the educational, social and nutritional situation of children from disadvantaged areas in the city of Cajamarca. We currently care for 40 children between 6 and 15 years old.

Cajamarca is a colonial city nestled in the Andean valleys of Peru . The city awakens every morning with the sun climbing over the surrounding mountains and signals the beginning of another day for the marginal urban population who live in severe poverty on the suburban slopes of Cajamarca.

Incawasi is a registered non-profit charity chartered in March 2005. It was set up by a team of Peruvian and European volunteers after the breakdown of a previous charity. Incawasi continued taking care of the children by accepting more children and improving the services provided. Incawasi's aim is to break the vicious cycle of poverty that encompasses a huge majority of the children of Peru by starting here in Cajamarca.

The founders of Incawasi were approached by many families in dire need of educational and health support which the local government does not provide. The Incawasi staff then visited the families in their homes. They talked with the parents and families about their lives, their needs and exactly what their children were doing during the days when not attending school. After some time, 40 children were chosen based on the families with the greatest need to attend our centre. For these 40 children, with the help of international sponsorships and donations, our centre provides all the materials needed for schooling (fees, uniforms, books, pens etc). We also provide any medical needs, doctors, dentistry, medicine or health insurance. As we are still a relatively new centre run by young international volunteers, every day is a fresh learning curve and always exciting. Our aim is to guide the children through first and secondary schooling.

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oluntary Work With Children In Cajamarca Peru With Incawasi
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