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Let Loose The Explorer In You & Volunteer Worldwide With Frontier

Got the travel bug? Perfect! At Frontier we have over 250 projects in 5 continents for you to choose from. For over 20 years, Frontier volunteers have been pushing the boundaries, making unprecedented discoveries and helping hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged people in isolated communities worldwide. Not only that, but Frontier volunteers have been able to research and conserve vast areas of endangered ecosystems and their threatened wildlife populations, bring love and laughter to young children, and create safe and prosperous living environments for disadvantaged peoples all over the world.

The birthplace of all mankind, Africa is bewitching continent of intense beauty, epic landscapes and fascinating tribes. Charismatic wildlife roam vast valley plains and white sand beaches fringe tropical turquoise waters. Tribal communities practice ancient customs little changed since the dawn of time. Africa lies at the root of humanity and still has the ability to return life to its often beautiful basics. Nothing can prepare you for this inspiring destination, with its welcoming peoples and impressive wildlife. We offer you the chance to catch a glimpse of this boundless continent, with projects ranging from adventure travel in Africa to wildlife conservation in Tanzania, from marine conservation in Madagascar to sports coaching in Africa.

Asia tempts you with a world of unimaginable beauty. With its polyglot cuisines, its coalition of cultures, its fusion of architectural styles mixing ancient grandeur with modern squalor – Asia offers you the ultimate travel destination for the perfect gap year adventure. Take this chance to delve into this boundless continent with projects ranging from adventure travel in Asia to wildlife conservation in Cambodia, from marine conservation in Sri Lanka to teaching in Asia.

Island nations with azure seas, amazing surf and a passion for rugby are all part of this archipelagic continent. The pacific coral reefs are arguably home to the greatest wealth of marine species on earth which makes for pristine white sanded beaches and unparalleled diving. While Australia and New Zealand have long been popular destinations, other more remote pacific islands have retained a rare sense of genuine adventure. To travel to parts of Australasia & the South Pacific is to see a picture unchanged from the view of the first explorers. We offer you the chance to catch a glimpse of this boundless continent, with projects ranging from adventure travel in Australasia & the South Pacific to wildlife conservation in Australia & the South Pacific, from marine conservation in Fiji to sports coaching in Australasia & the South Pacific.

Taste the irresistible delights that our projects in Italy and Greece have to offer, two countries vastly different in nature but together sharing a European vibrancy of culture, delicious local cuisines and an irrepressible party spirit. A continent cloaked in ancient history and mythology, Europe is the perfect location for a modern volunteer placement. We offer you the chance to catch a glimpse of this boundless continent, with projects ranging from wildlife conservation in Europe, to community development in Greece.

South and Central America is home to some of the most spectacular countries on earth, destinations with a wealth of culture; colonial cities that echo the legacy of Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors; and remnants of mysterious ancient civilisations. The white sandy beaches, impressive rolling mountain ranges etched with spectacular rivers and waterfalls, saltwater lakes teeming with exotic flora and fauna, smoking volcanoes and frothing surf are only a sample of the fantastic qualities of South and Central America. With projects ranging from adventure travel in South and Central America to wildlife conservation in Ecuador, from marine conservation in Costa Rica to teaching in South and Central America, this region is perfect as your gap year destination.

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