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Visitor Profile

Last year (January 2016- January 2017), Anywork Anywhere received over 1.27 Million unique visits.

Our visitors come to us in search of Paid Work, Voluntary Jobs, information on living and working in over 131 different countries, Visa and Working Holday Visa information, useful country specific links, Embassies by host country and lots of other relevant information, resources and contacts.

Our visitors are generally aged between 18 & 53 years old (statistic based on the month of December 2015), consisting of People coming from a wide variety of professional, academic and cultural backgrounds. From entry-level candidates through to fully qualified professionals. Including Hospitality, Tourism, Healthcare, Agriculture, Horticulture, Leisure, Childcare, Sports and Entertainment., Healthcare, Nursing, Teaching, Construction, Conservation, Voluntary Projects.

Visitor Age

We attract a variety of visitors, some of which some are looking for Paid Work, others Volunteering, some people just come to our site to plan their travels and to access relevant services and contact details.

Of those looing for Paid Work there are those seeking longer-term employment, wishing to train and further their career, and those looking for Seasonal & Temporary Work.

Well seasoned hospitality, tourism, agricultural, activities, maintenance, healthcare, beauty & therapies, and production professionals), whilst others are taking Professional or Academic Gap Years (available for up to 12 months).of whom are experienced

We attract plenty of Students from throughout the EU (a good source of summer staff, usually available from June - August) and Working Holiday Visa holders from countries such as, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, & The UK (these candidates are usually looking for 3 month to 2 year contracts, either Volunteering, or in the pursuit of Paid Work, but are also often happy to work weekends here and there, to see the country they are visiting).

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