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Anywork Anywhere Customer Comments

We received fifty eight applications in the three weeks the ad ran and most were pretty much what we were after (though about 5% of them were quite clearly nutters! )We whittled the list down to five shortlisted candidates from whom we selected a mother and daughter team. They will be working with us for the duration.

 Thank you very much for your assistance, the ease of communication and the simplicity of setting up the ad. I’ve been delighted with the response, especially so since the job was offered on a voluntary basis.

I have filled my positions very quickly. You have an extremely good audience out there it was good to be able to interview them face to face before they started

Anywork Anywhere has certainly been one of the best recruitment resources we have used for serious job applicants.

Julie HB Leisure

We got the three employees we needed, loads of people applied and we ended up with South African, German and English staff. Our page with Anywork Anywhere was the only source of staff this year and it worked out well. As well as filling our positions, this has been a great fall-back to have. To be honest, without which I think we would be quite lost."

Gerri Irvine - The Summer Isles Hotel, Scotland

Just popped on to the site to check that we were up and running with the Haven Europe details and wanted to say that I think it's looking great. Thanks for doing a cracking job, rolling it out on time and your professionalism to date. For cost and sheer exposure it certainly represents good value

Just a note to say "Thanks" for all your help over the last 18 months. Your site still gives us the best response for our positions, so cheers to that continuing this year.

Good morning from Corfu. Thank you so much for your help. I really would like you to come and stay with us so I can pay you back for all the nice staff I get through your website. I hope to meet you someday. You have a wonderful website and its helping tons of people every day. Also I would like to thank you for advertising the Pink Palace in your hostel section.

It's great because within 24 hours of our page going online the applicants are coming in covering us for those unfortunate situations where people leave us in the lurch. Someone started yesterday and another in a week or two, really happy and have decided to use it year round

Our page has been very handy and we will continue to use it.

Had over 250 applicants of which we have taken on all of our staff, sooo happy that your service has seriously cosmopolitanised our work force. Where we used to have only one nationality of staff, we now have over 6 nationalities working at any one time. Many thanks, this site is far too effective at getting good candidates !!

Our page with Anywork Anywhere has gone very well, we have had a great response from it, it has been an all round brilliant service with a steady flow of applicants generated at least 3 or 4 a day. If you ever need a reference it would be no problem.

We’ve had an excellent response and have employed good workers through anyworkanywhere, we’ve currently got two South Africans lined up for interview and the Eastern Europeans we recruited are good. Very Happy with our page

Very Happy with the service, it worked very well for us and we will definitely renew

We have been Inundated with response and it was quality people who were prepared to make an effort and submit a CV of relevance, it’s gone phenomenally well, absolutely spot-on, got applicants from the UK, Italy and the new EU member states.

"Very pleased with your service, I get around half a dozen enquiries a day or so and I'm very glad I did it."

"I have checked my statistics regarding how many applicants I get from the recruitment sites that I use and I definitely get most referrals from you. I am very very pleased"

Peter Henry - Origin Care Recruitment

" I'm really pleased with your service, l have not found such a good uptake or quality of employable staff anywhere else"

Angus Douglas Hamilton - The Philpot Group, Hampshire

" I have never had such a good response to staff advertising, nearly all my staff this year came from your web site, it's the best money we've ever spent"

Helen Eagle Lanzetta - Leicester Children’s Holiday Centre

" This is the best response I've had in a long time, far more effective than other sources of advertising I have tried "

Gary Marshall - Country Market, Hampshire

" I have employed many applicants from the web site. I am very glad to have this resource of seasonal staff."

Lisa Martin - Pontins Wall Park, Devon

Since registering with your site in March 2001 I have had an amazing response of labour contacting me. I feel that this way of advertising for seasonal workers is the way to go for future labour recruitment. It allows me to select suitable candidates, who I want to contact back, without the hassle of answering the telephone all day. This is a great way of solving, my farms seasonal labour problems "

Ron Bainbridge - Vitacress Salads Ltd, Hampshire

" Thanks for the excellent web site it is now the only place we have advertised our vacancies and it has really helped us get staff throughout the past year, we have employed many hard working and interesting couples from Australia and New Zealand from your site and I will continue to recommend your service to others"

" I am very happy with the number and quality of response I had from my page with you. People were even turning up on the doorstep!"

" This is the second year I have advertised my seasonal vacancies on your site and I have say that I think your site is quite simply brilliant !








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