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Anywork Anywhere Advertising Terms And Conditions

These terms & conditions apply to all contracts entered into by Anywhere Travel Ltd, trading as Anywork Anywhere (the Company) and its clients (the Advertiser). They may not be varied except when agreed with the Company.

Prices are quoted with VAT excluded. The Company reserves the right to modify its prices at any time without prior notice.

The price payable by the Advertiser shall be that ruling at the date of publication on the web site of the Company and it is fixed for the period shown in the Advertiser’s order. The Company may in its entire discretion vary this condition in exceptional circumstances.

The Company will invoice the Advertiser at the date of approval by the Advertiser of his advertisement or the date of publication of the Advertiser’s order if earlier.

Payment is due within 14 days from the date of invoicing. Payment should be made to the bank account of Anywhere Travel Ltd. shown on the invoice. Payment is not satisfied until the full amount of the invoice is credited to the Company’s bank account without reserve.

The Company may ask that the Advertiser pay in advance prior to publication if the Advertiser has failed to pay any invoice in full by the due date.

It is the Advertiser who has the sole responsibility for the content of and ensuring that his advertisement conforms to all the laws applicable to his advertisement. The Advertiser agrees to hold indemnified the Company for any loss expense or payment imposed as a result of the Company publishing the Advertiser’s advertisement. The Company will co-operate with the Advertiser in attempting to limit any loss that might arise from the forgoing. The Company does not purport to be an expert in the laws surrounding employment advertising and acts solely as an agent of the Advertiser in placing the Advertiser’s advertisement on the Company’s web site.

The Advertiser is entirely responsible for ensuring that any candidate that may apply for a paid/voluntary job as a result of this advertisement, is who he/she says that he/she is & that he has the proper papers entitling him/her to take up the employment.

The liability of the Company is limited to placing the advertisement approved by the advertiser on the web site maintained by the Company. The Company will employ its best endeavours to ensure that the advertisement is available at all times for viewing on its web site but cannot be held responsible for failures of the internet or the servers on which the Company’s web site is located. The Company cannot be held responsible nor pay compensation for consequential losses or damages arising as above. Should the failure be prolonged the Company will use its best endeavours to find an alternative Internet Provider & may offer at its discretion ex gratia extension of the advertising period.

All contracts are subject to the laws of the England and any disputes shall be settled by the courts under the laws England. The parties may agree in writing to submit their dispute to arbitration, in which case such arbitration shall be binding.

Anywhere Travel Ltd. Company Number: 07307353
Registered Office: 1 Rockfield Business Park, Old Station Drive, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Glos. GL53 0AN


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