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Recruitment Page & Job Search Listings

Your Own Personalised Recruitment Web Page Online Same Day* - When you register with us, we will work with you to get your recruitment advertisement correct, online and in the Job Search on the same day. You will be able to modify your page, as and when required, from the moment it goes live; we will even construct your page for you, if you are strapped for time. *Only applies before 16:00 gmt Monday to Saturday, otherwise within 24hrs

Unlimited Job Postings, Updates And Applications For A One-Off Fee - For the duration of the time you take your page, you can alter your listings and change the jobs or opportunities at will; email or telephone your changes through and we will update your page within hours. . Your initial fee is all you pay regardless of the number of updates, applicants received or positions filled.. See Our Advertising Rates

No Design Or Artwork Required - You can send us a Logo, Photographs of your venue, establishment, destinations, work scenes etc. and they can be displayed at the side of your page at no extra cost. You can send images in standard formats (Jpeg preferred), via e-mail, or with your permission we can source graphics from your website.

Your Choice How Applicants Contact You - You can decide to take applications in whichever way suits your current setup best, contact options are:

A) A simple application request by email so that you can send chosen applicants your own application forms. View our Basic Enquiry Form
B) Our standard on-line application form which will be sent to you by e-mail. View our On Line Application Form
C) Link to your own forms (Adobe or Word format), on our/your site for applicants to download and post back or fill out on-line.
D) Display your Telephone number on your page for the jobseekers to contact you directly.

Over 1.27 Million Unique Visits Last Year (Jan 16 - Jan 17) - Our Visitors currently come from The UK & Ireland 29% - Rest of the E.U. 24% - Australia, New Zealand, Canada & The USA 15%.

Selective and Varied Marketing of our Site - We actively promote our service throughout The UK, EU Member states, Australia, New Zealand and other relevant countries that have work related bi-lateral agreements. despite our excellent Google ranking , we still get results from selective offline advertising in Key Publications, Universities, Youth Hostels & Internet Cafes, as well as by way of regular Promotional Tours.

Our service is free to Jobseekers, they do not need to register with us to apply for jobs and they can search by location and/or job type and apply for opportunities, as well as finding your page with us directly from Google.

To advertise your opportunities with us simply fill out our online Registration Form and we will review then create your personalised page, send you a link, so you can see and approve it & list your page in our Job Search.

Feel free to give us a call if there is anything you would to like to discuss Tel: +44 (0)7881 674313 Or send us an E-Mail via our contact form and well get back to you as soon as we can.


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