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Frequently Asked Questions...

Where Do You Promote Anywork Anywhere? Most of our visitors find us via the internet through reciprocal Link Relationships we have built up with other relevant companies. We also advertise in Key Publications, Magazines, Newspapers, via Promotional Tours, Travel Shows and Recruitment Fairs and in Universities, Colleges, Language Schools and Youth Hostels throughout our target countries.

Which Countries Do Your Visitors Come From ? The UK & Ireland (29%) Other EEA Countries (24%) Australia, South Africa & New Zealand (9%), Canada & The USA (15%) Other (23%), see our visitor statistics page

What Age Are Your Target Market ? There is no age target market for us as the diversity of our visitors is our strength and this is also influenced by their varied ages, as well as cultural and professional backgrounds. This diversity is also well matched by the ever changing variety of positions we have advertised.

Does Anywork Anywhere Advertise Voluntary Work? As well as our extensive 130+ Country specific Voluntary Guide section, we also advertise Volunteering in our Job Search, which lists Paid and Voluntary work.

Is There A Limit To The Size Of My Page ? No It's up to you, obviously it's easier for the Jobseekers to read if the page isn't too long. But it is important to give as much practical detail as possible, as well as an idea of what your surounding area is like to live in. If you offer accommodation, it is a good idea to let applicants know how much this will cost them, if at all and what it is like e.g. single room/flat/caravan etc. If you charge a fee for participation in a Voluntary Project/Expedition, you must indicate this on your page.

After the page fee are there any extra charges ? No, you will be charged one fee, agreed with you, before we place your advertising. There are plenty of payment options, see our Prices Page for further detail.

Can you offer online application forms or CV Attachments ? Yes, we have the choice of a basic e-mail enquiry form or full application form, both including Photograph and CV attachment functionality. We can also place a downloadable / printable application form on your page if required.

Do we charge Job Seekers ? No, our service is totally free to Jobseekers who can search and apply for Paid Work & Voluntary Opportunities direct to advertisers without registering with us first.

How Do I Pay ? We accept Electronic Transfers to our UK Bank Account (Details will be listed on your Invoice), we also accept Paypal payments, we will send you an invoice via email, or post if necessary.

Contact Us If You Still Have Questions or Advertise Now!


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