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Ecuador Volunteer Foundation Is A Non-Profit Organization That Offers Volunteer Work Opportunities Abroad In Social, Environmental, Educational And Community Areas Around Ecuador.

The main focus of our programs is to offer a cultural exchange experience to each volunteer in all of the projects that at helping and working together with the local people.

Day Care Center The Sierra Flor School is a small School and Day Care Center located in a rural peasant area in the Andes, close to the volcano Cotopaxi. This volunteer project receives children from 3 months old to four years old. We provide the children with bilingual quality education because we believe it is the only way to escape poverty.

Deaf and Blind Children Care This Institute takes care of, educates and hosts children with visual and hearing disabilities from all over the country. Approximately 39 children are present during the day and 24 stay to sleep there. More people are always needed to work with disabled children and, more particularly, to take care of them during the night

Social Project in Chunchi: The objective of this project is to take care of emigrants’ children from the Chunchi Canton. This project is located in the south of Chimborazo Province and has the highest migration rate of the province. Families migrate, above all, to the USA and most recently to Spain, leaving their children without families

Child Development Center "Guajira": This project was created to provide care to children from low-income sector, who are mostly children of employees that work in a Roses plantation. This project needs volunteers for the nursery and education areas.

Educative Volunteer Work in Azama: Volunteer in Education Azam: This community project is located about one and a half hour away from Quito, and gives you the opportunity to work like teacher.

Poor Children Care Project: This project is a non-profit volunteer-run school for children who would otherwise be on the streets shining shoes or begging and it needs a bit of help. The world is a tough place, and there is no way to change that, but with a little compassion and a bit of time, we can actually make a difference. And if we can´t change the world, we can at least change their world

Elderly Care Projects: This centre provides a loving home for elderly people. They are able to live together and enjoy a sense of community. They receive proper medical support, physiotherapy, social and mental support. A staff of twenty five Ecuadorians works on site including doctors, nurses, cooks and cleaners. Volunteers are asked to offer care, attention and love to the residents

Street Children Project: This program currently cares for approximately thirty -from 2 to 16 year old- children providing accommodation, food, and educational and psychological follow-up for a temporal time, trying to reintegrate them into their families as far as possible.

Poor Children Care Project 2 : This project is a non governmental centre that provides help to young adolescents. The first task is to take care and look after the 60 children being in the centre. They are 5-17 years old and need support in health, food, education and especially recreation

Young Mothers Project : This project is located in Quito and provides help and support to young mothers. Part of the volunteer’s work consists of social work, talking and helping the poor people, specially young mothers, by showing and teaching them how to be affectionate, especially to those who have different types of handicap.

Community Projects (Free & Low Cost)

Reconstruction of schools in the Amazon rainforest: The purpose of this project is to reconstruct small schools and kindergartens who have suffered extensive damage. The project benefits poor communities with tiny populations in the Shuar sector in the periphery of the city of Macas

Cordinator of community projects: a person is required to work in community development in a place named El Triunfo, organizing, planning and executing the activities of volunteers, as well as management and design new projects under the framework of sustainable development

Volunteering in Guayama Community: This community project is located in the province of Cotopaxi and needs volunteers to assist in supporting the school as well as in field projects to develop self.

Volunteer work like a teachers in rural schools: The project is located in the Chimborazo Province, and it requires volunteers to assist in computer classes to some indigenous communities in this zone

Amazonian Community : This project is located in the Amazonian rainforest. This community generates its income of with its traditional economy: fishing, agriculture, hunting, horticulture, combined with handicrafts, community tourism, conservation and reforestation. This community needs volunteers who can help it in these areas

Andes Highlands Community: This Project is located in the village of Isinlivi, about 4 hours away from Quito. In this project volunteers will work at the local elementary school or at the local high school. Volunteers will assist the local teachers with English classes, computer tasks, computer classes, Mathematics, Geography, etc.

Indigenous Community Development: This program offers opportunities for volunteers to work in the Amazonian jungle. In this project the volunteers can work with the women artisans and their families and involve in other communitary activities.

Build & Reconstruct Houses in the Jungle: This project gives you the opportunity to work with an indigenous community in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador, rebuilding the homes of local residents.

Ecological Projects (Free & Low Cost)

Animal Rescue center: This project offers the opportunity to work with environmental conservation and preservation of animal species in danger of extinction in the Amazon Rainforest.

Research Center: This project is located in the Amazonian Rainforest, in Pastaza province. This project allows volunteers to study butterflies in the the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. The volunteer will be able to measure the diversity of the different species and the abundance of butterflies.

Beach Conservation Project: This project allows volunteers to learn more about the Ecuadorian coast and the fishermen livelihood, as well as help to preserve the natural resources of the Ecuador’s Pacific Ocean Coast.

Blanca Margarita Ecological Project: This project is located in the nor.-western province of Pichincha and offers activities in the primary forest conservation, reforestation and recovery of native species, organic agriculture, study and monitoring of birds.

Teaching English & Conservation : This is your great opportunity to be part of the rural life in the andean zone. You will share great experiences with the indigenous communities and will be the tool to improve the future of the children of ecuador and the knowledge about conserving nature

Volunteer in the Mindo cloud forest : This is a very unique experience for the volunteer, in addition to being able to help with the conservation and protection of the cloud forest, considered as a natural paradise of ecuador

Volunteering in Agro ecology:: This Project proposes to work with farmers who currently run conventional agriculture to make them become organic with the aim of improving their quality of life and of course the nature that surrounds them too

Galapagos, Window to sustentability: This project offer activities and alternative projects that promote the environmental protection in the hight side of the San Cristobal island in Galapagos

If you are interested in applying to one of our projects, you will need to follow these steps:

Chose the project in which you would like to participate so that we can send you more information.



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