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Creative Corners Run A Independent, Alternative Education Project Based In The Mayan Village Of San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

This Creative Corners project is an independent, alternative education project based in the Mayan village of San Marcos La Laguna, Lago Atitlán, Guatemala that operates as a permanent creativity workshop and program for the youth of the local community. 

The project dedicates itself to supporting and facilitating artistic expression, learning, exchange, formation and production with the children and youth of San Marcos and the surrounding rural communities. 

Run by a permanent team of three and assisted by local and and international artists and facilitators the project provides art workshops in schools, public spaces and at their own premises which include a dance/gym studio, classrooms and workshops spaces.

They also provide a unique scholarship program where local students are trained to become arts trainers and facilitators themselves so that this will continue to be a creative and vibrant community.

Why we need you

Four decades of civil war, and centuries of colonial oppression have left communities like San Marcos La Laguna divided where the communities have been marginalised, segregated and deprived of many basic human needs.

The majority of households in San Marcos La Laguna suffer from economic poverty, malnourishment, health problems and alcoholism. Opportunities for education and employment are limited.

Guatemala's public education system provides very few options for artistic development: the national budget currently invests little or nothing towards creative processes in the schools. 

This is a truly unique and special project that will really change you.  Volunteers and the permanent team live and eat together in the main centre.  Most volunteers teach in more advanced workshops in the centre’s on-site classroom and those who stay two months or more can also take part in teaching programs in nearby public schools and local centres in other communities. 

Who we need

Performing Arts – Theatre, Circus, Dance (ballet, hip-hop, modern, Latin, African etc.)

Visual Arts – Painting, Drawing, Murals, Graphic Design, Animation, Graffiti, Photography, Video etc.

Music – Percussion, Guitar, Singing

Yoga, Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Pilates

Human Rights, History, Anthropology, Psychology

Popular Education, Pedagogy

Environmental Education


Computers and I.T. (esp. Web, Audio, Video & Graphic Design)

Sewing and Costume Design

Assistants – if you want to participate in workshops with children and/or youth but you don’t feel ready to lead one, you can help as an assistant

Psychologists and counselors for group and individual therapy

Certified in Massage, Alexander Technique, Reiki and other bodywork methodologies and therapies, speech therapy

  Helping hands for our community tasks:

Recycling, Production of Teaching Materials

Gardening, Landscaping, Permaculture

Construction, Carpentry and Repairs

Kitchen Work, Cooking and Cleaning

Specialists in:



Web Design, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Documentary Filmmakers

Studio Recording and Engineering, Lighting and Sound  


Two Weeks £495

One month £795

Two months £1245

each additional month £500

Shared accommodation on Site at the project

 Three meals a day

 Private Car from Guatemala City to San Marcos (approximately 4 hour journey)

  Comprehensive travel and medical insurance

  Quality pre-departure information, visa advice

Spanish helps but is not essential and Spanish teachers are available downtown.

 Ability to relate to children aged 3-18 and organise and lead workshops and creative activities (you can also work as an assistant or on other tasks listed above)

 Be able to work independently without supervision.

 Initiative, flexibility and enthusiasm.

An appreciation of bugs, insects, nature and animals!

To Apply



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Independent, Alternative Education Project In La Laguna Guatemala With Creative Corners
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