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Casa do Caminho Orphanage Situated In A Rainforest, Outside Of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Need Volunteers From A Variety Of Backgrounds with children while experiencing a foreign culture? in an international environment in a rainforest?
..have the freedom to set up and lead your own projects?


challenge yourself and become a volunteer/ trainee in an orphanage in Brazil !

Who are we ?

Casa do Caminho is situated in the middle of a rainforest, outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The orphanage aims to take children away from aggression, drugs & criminality in Rio and surrounding suburbs. It provides these children with shelter, nutrition, education and a lot of freedom to play. Your help is needed because international volunteers bring new knowledge and enthusiasm to Casa do Caminho from which the children and staff can learn from!

We are looking for motivated volunteers & trainees with different backgrounds (psychology, teaching, business, IT, arts & culture, sports, organic farming,..) to work as:

  • Psychologist
  • Social Worker
  • Educator
  • Teacher
  • Organic farming specialist
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • IT expert
  • Medical coordinator
  • Maintenance/ Electrician volunteer
  • Sports teacher/ manager
  • Theater, Art, Music teachers
  • Age minimum: 21 years
  • Intermediate Portuguese skills
  • 6 months- 2 years volunteer period

The volunteer program at Casa do Caminho is completely free. Volunteers receive accomodation, food, training, and access to “capoeira” classes. Volunteering at Casa do Caminho is a unique cultural experience – you will get to know the brazilian culture, have the freedom to set up your own projects and the children will make you feel at home from the very first second!

More information about the programme and Casa do Caminho can also be found at:

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Volunteer Opportunities With Casa do Caminho Orphanage In Brazil
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