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Eco-centre Caput Insulae Beli Look For Volunteers To Take Part In Projects In Croatia

As we a are a research-educational centre our volunteers have a chance to learn about the biodiversity, about the biology of the griffons vultures and the local history from the members of our team.

There are 7 programmes in which volunteers participate, depending on their wishes and inclinations:

Cleaning and maintaining the sanctuary for injured and sick birds, observation of the Eurasian Griffons when feeding and through the day in the sanctuary and observation of griffons on the cliffs in the ornithological reserve of the island of Cres and collecting data of their behaviour.

Volunteers clean the paths and trails of collapsed stones and landslides, restoring the walls and so prevent soil erosion. Thus together taking care of the drystone walls as cultural-historical heritage, they are at the same time helping local people.

The volunteers clear ponds of silt and vegetation and therefore they prevent them becoming overgrown and so helping the survival of plants and animal species that live in them (maintaining biodiversity), but they also help shepherds whose freshwater ponds are essential for their sheep.

The volunteers clear the forest trails and paths of branches and fallen trees, collecting rubbish, marking (tracing) trails and setting them out, maintaining signposts for walks (interpretation tables, directions etc.).

Volunteers participate in the work of the interpretation of ECCIB. Greeting visitors, conducting interpretation and accompanying them to the exhibitions about the biodiversity of the island of Cres, the Eurasian Griffons and the ethnological heritage of Tramuntana, leading them to visit the sanctuary for Eurasian Griffons and giving them all necessary information about the net of eco-trails on Tramuntana.

The volunteers help local olive growers by collecting olives and shepherds by collecting and shearing sheep, also by clearing pastures of vegetation. When necessary, elderly people need other help, eg. in gardens after stormy weather etc.

The volunteers make, in the winter months and rainy days, different souvenirs characteristic for the region (eg. articles, clothing and ornaments from wool). Woollen designs from felt – technical process of wool which bases itself on the properties of fibres that due to the virtue of mechanical and heating actions, and along with the help of soap, between each other twists into a tough material.

The volunteer programme runs from the period of 1st March until 31st October.

The minimal period for volunteering is 7 days.

As we are non-profit, non-governmental organization, we cannot cover alone all the food and accommodation costs, so every volunteer pays participation for accommodation and food, price also includes the transport from the ferry or from the bus station to Eco-Centre (or vice versa).    

Accommodation is in a single sex dormitory, using bathrooms (water and electricity supplies – toilet paper, soap, cleaning supplies etc.). Volunteers have to bring their own personal hygiene accessories, beach accessories (towels and swimming suits) and clothes.

Eco-centre ensures 3 complete meals (breakfast by choice, lunch and dinner are cooked meals). They don´t have to cook or do any kitchen job, as we have a cook

Working hours are ~ 6 hours a day. 

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Voluntary Projects On The Island Of Cres, Croatia With Eco-centre Caput Insulae
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