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Cameroon Association For The Protection And Education Of The Child (CAPEC) Are Looking For Volunteers

There are lots of needy and underprivileged children who are abandoned to their fate in Cameroon. Most of these children do not all have Cameroonian origins. Some of them especially street children around Yaoundé come into Cameroon from neighbouring countries. In the absence of a clear government policy to handle issues concerning vulnerable and underprivileged children, kind hearted and humanitarian gestures in favour of these children could only be the work of individuals , churches and other organisations.

Volunteers would be expected to help children in their school work, teach English, German and improve the children’s computer skills. They will also be expected to create activities which be beneficial to the kids, such as sporting and out door activities. In fact, volunteers will have to take part in every aspect in the life of the orphan.. Counsel the children on HIV/ AIDS and sex education. Volunteers with medical or nursing experiences would be of great help in the centre’s infirmary. Volunteers will also spend time with orphan children, assisting or planning activities based on the needs of the orphanage. Volunteers might plan sports and games, help in art or music lessons, or organize clubs.

This is a multi functional centre catering for the problems of handicapped persons. The major activity of the centre is the nursery and primary school for the handicapped. In this school, 75% of the pupils are handicapped and need specially trained individuals to take care of them. The teachers who teach here have not received this special training. The centre also has a consultation, surgical and hospitalization section, specialized in medical problems regarding the handicapped. There is also a physiotherapist section. These sections have very aging personnel who are over worked .There is no need re emphasizing the fact that volunteers will be very welcomed. The centre also has a production unit where artificial and supporting limbs are made for those who need them. Apart of being a health establishment, the centre also offers home to more than 30 handicapped persons who have been abandoned by their families. The number of persons hospitalized here is also quite important. As earlier mentioned, the centre works basically for the handicapped and so any person who can help this group of persons to rebuild their morals and to forget their present state will be most welcome . Also, any person coming to the centre must learn how to deal with them because there are very sensitive.

The centre needs the services of both qualified and unqualified volunteers. Qualified nurses, physiotherapists, and teachers specially trained in handling handicapped persons will be welcomed. Untrained volunteers who can introduce entertainment and leisure activities for these handicapped persons are also welcomed. Volunteers could also organize counselling sessions on HIV/AIDS and others.

To volunteer in schools, be it Elementary (primary) or secondary schools, the volunteer must have a good knowledge of French or English. The volunteer must have at least completed high school (preparing to get into the university). The school year in Cameroon runs from September to June. The school year is divided into three terms, the first term starts from September and ends by mid December, the second term starts by early January and ends in March while the third term starts in April and ends in June. Job description Teaching (English, maths, elementary Sciences, human rights, Geography,History,environmental science and/or any other subjects taught in the school) Child care Initiation to the use of computers and ICT Programmes Organize extra curricular activities such as arts music ,sports,dances etc.

Help restore and paint a local school! Volunteers are needed to clean, repair, and assist in designing frescoes. helping repair community structures, building desks and chairs, and assist with other construction and labor tasks. Volunteers from all over the world participate in this project.

The medical program is attached to hospitals in Yaounde, Kumba, Buea, Mamfe and in the rural areas of Cameroon. Volunteers on this program need to be registered medical doctors or nurses and students intending to be medical professionals. Volunteers work with local doctors to assist in the daily medical routine - applying dressings, prescribing minor medication, recording patient history, patient consultations, minor surgeries, and counselling patients. Volunteers can work in t areas of maternal health, surgery, laboratories, dental clinics, counseling, and testing.It should be noted that, in Cameroon we have one medical doctor to thousands of patients.Doctors are therefore overworked. In rural areas patients have to walk very long distances in order to see a medical doctor or recieve medical attention.

Volunteer profile Specialist(Doctors and trained nurses),Medical and pre-medical students Researchers of medical field.HIV/AIDS Counsellors

300 Euro per month which covers (Airport pick-up, Administrative Cost, Accommodation, Feeding, One week in country orientation and supervision) The other costs you will need to meet are: Your flights, visa, vaccinations, travel insurance, your departure from the program, and airport departure taxes. You will also need a weekly budget of up to 30Euro to cater for all your other expenses like bottled water, personal costs, and entertainment. Program shedule: Our volunteer program is open all year round and volunteer placement is Nationwide. Volunteers can stay from a period of two weeks to six months. Your stay can be extended beyond six months on a case-by-case basis (depending upon our partner’s requirements). You can start your placement on the 1st or 15th of each month. The Teaching program is also closed during school holidays which run during April, August and December/early January. Volunteer teachers can work during school holidays if the majority of their placement is during the school term. These volunteers need to come prepared to volunteer in the orphanage program during holiday times. Volunteer Accommodation : Volunteer stays with host families

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