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ASVO Is The Costa Rican Organisation Responsible For Volunteer Programmes In Their National Parks And Reserves

ASVO is the Costa Rican organisation responsible for volunteer programmes in their National Parks and Reserves. Volunteers are needed for research, construction and maintenance work, english teaching, tourist assistance and interpretation are also important activities where volunteers are needed. Volunteers can also participate in sea turtle conservation programmes on the atlantic or pacific coasts.
Species.: Primates, tropical birds, mammals and sea turtles.

Habitat: Tropical coast, rainforest, cloud forest, beaches.

Location.: Parks and Reserves in Costa Rica, conservation project, and communities.

Duration.: Min. 30 days, 3 months for special projects. If a volunteer participle for 30 days, we give you the opportunities, can be in two differents projects

Age: Min. 18.

Qualifications.: Volunteers should be in good physical condition and able to tolerate the tropical climate. A flexible and enthusiastic attitude is essential. One reference letters signed by Costa Rica residents or by organisations in the home country are required, copy of passaporte and two photagraph. Special qualifications are necessary for some research projects.

Language: Spanish. Inquire for English.

Cost: Food, accommodation and cordinations in Parks and Reserves or projects is US$20/day plas $30 for inscription. Travel costs are paid by the volunteer.

Application: Contact ASVO for an application form.

Notes: Personal health and repatriation insurance is strongly recommended.

Contact: Ing. Luis Matarrita Cortés, General Manager


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Volunteer Programmes In National Parks And Reserves With ASVO
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