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About Us

Anywork Anywhere was founded by Jo Drury in January 2000. After over a year of research and development the site went live in March 2001. Since then it has grown rapidly and now records over 1.38 Million unique visitors each year. A convenient place to seek work and find staff in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

After travelling extensively throughout the world for over 5 years, prior to launching the site; then, taking advantage of the wide variety of employment opportunities on offer, from participating in Au Pair in America, to fruit picking in the Antipodes & Europe, working in hospitality including summer and ski resorts and more....

Thousands of jobs have been advertised on the web site on behalf of over a thousand companies, ranging from large recruitment agencies and tour operators to independent farms and hotels, with job vacancies being filled by visitors every week.

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Since launch we have now had in excess of 12,000,000 unique visits, increasing year on year as Work & Travel becomes more and more popular. The benefits of broadening horizons, cultural experience and a change of direction, have inspired literally millions of people into finding excellent job opportunities and worldwide experiences, since our arrival on the internet and many continue to come back for their next step.

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We value your constructive feedback. Your support and ideas are integral to creating a fun, friendly and functional community service; so if you feel you have anything you could contribute, or have any helpful comments, suggestions or criticisms.

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Best Wishes And Happy Travels,

The Anywhere Travel Team !



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