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Care For African Kids Look For Volunteers, Teams And Groups To Work With Orphaned Children, Youth And Families In Uganda

CARE FOR AFRICAN KIDS (CFAK), is not for profit non-governmental organization (NGO) whose purpose is to provide holistic care and support to orphans, disadvantaged children and youth their communities in Uganda. We seek to provide education, shelter, feeding programs, clothing, health care, life skills and support, spiritual nourishment and educational sponsorships to orphans, vulnerable disadvantaged aged kids 3 years and above, both boys and girls. To realize this goal, seeks to work in partnership with individuals, families, groups, communities, churches, organizations, companies, friends and well-wishers from all over the world, to implement child-focused, community oriented programs and projects that benefit all disadvantaged children and youth, regardless of gender, race, religion, political affiliation or disability.

We at Care For African Kids (CFAK) realize that without the dedication and support of volunteers, we would be very unsuccessful.

There are so many ways to volunteer your time to help our organization. Please consider collecting in-kind items with the help of your church, friends, coworkers, etc, for the children here in Uganda. You may also wish to visit Uganda for a short-term mission trip to visit the and assist in encouraging them and giving them hope. We have opportunities for short-term volunteer teams from churches, organizations, schools/colleges, families and individuals.

CFAK provides short-term opportunities to mentor, encourage and be a blessing to African children and youth during summer holidays. CFAK is looking for short-term volunteers, teams and groups to work with orphaned children, youth and families.

Volunteer work programs typically lasts between two weeks and six months (but can be longer or shorter depending on the need) and are scheduled between the months of May-December of every year. The CFAK Africa office handles all local travel and accommodation arrangements (transport to and from the airport, hotel bookings, food, housing, ground transportation, arrangements of meetings and work schedules).

CFAK facilitates volunteer trips to our Children’s Centers schools and other sites. During these weeks, volunteers focus on assisting with building projects, holiday camps, children’s clubs, outreaches and discipleship. CFAK Children’s Centers are located in Rubaga Kampala and in Wakiso Town.

In addition to weeks of work, the volunteer trips involve visit to various sites around the Country some of which include visit to the Source of the Nile River, and an opportunity to go “White Water Rafting” at Bujjagali Falls, in Jinja.

Please Contact CFAK By E-Mail with questions about volunteer opportunities and/or request for volunteer time scheduling for your group.

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