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CCALP Are Looking For Volunteers To Work In Orphanges In Uganda

Centre for Child Advocacy and Life Planning  (CCALP) offers an excellent opportunity for individuals and groups to work directly with the children in our orphanages in Uganda. The children are brilliant, and love to receive visitors.

Volunteers have the opportunity help out in a number of ways. They can help children learn to read or use a computer, play a game of soccer.

We are looking for volunteers who love working with children and have a flair for creativity. You will teach small classes in our school on site. Qualified teachers and general volunteers are all welcome

You will be engaged in various activities, mainly teaching and helping out in the children’s home. You can organize special activities in the library, such as art classes, recorder lessons, tutoring reading etc.

Volunteers teach classes of around 15-30 children. We encourage volunteers to focus on teaching remedial reading and writing and working with arts and crafts with the children. Although there are some arts and crafts supplies brought from volunteers at the centre, we rely on the volunteers to utilize these items. Your mornings will involve working in the kindergarten, and after lunch having you have tome to visit home and play games.


 You will be accommodated in our children’s home. Accommodation is simple but spacious and basic high-quality food is provided in the volunteer fee.

We are very particular about financial transparency for all interested volunteers. Volunteers pay some little money on your arrival to cover your accommodation and to help us run our projects. This money is given directly to the director of the orphanage/ project upon your arrival.  And the price is $ 400 per month

All prices are in US$ but you can pay the equivalent in any major currency. You will notice that for our project, the first month is a bit more expensive than subsequent months - this is because it includes transport to and from the airport (usually $100 is reduced the following months.

For More Information E-Mail CCALP

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