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Let´s Go Volunteer Organise Voluntary Work With Children, Youth, Elderly, Homeless People And Single Mothers In Ibague Columbia

Let´s go volunteer is a group of young, enthusiastic people who have discovered the joy of helping, giving and sharing with those in need. We believe that through the experience of volunteering and serving we can find meaning in our lives, thereby fulfilling the emptiness generated by the individualism and selfishness of modern society and learn about ourselves while

We are located in the beautiful country of Colombia. In a mid-sized city, called Ibague, situated in a warm and peaceful valley surrounded by mountains and 200 Kms south of Bogota, the capital of the country.

  • To being a true and genuine help for other humans in need, to bringing real hope and to making a difference in their lives.
  • To provide you with an opportunity of helping children, youth, elderly, homeless people, single mothers and in general less fortunate human beings.
  • To provide you with an amazing traveling experience, in a local way off the tourist track, where you will have a true cultural exchange that will leave your soul joyful.
  • To your wellbeing, safety and fun.
  • To the improvement of your Spanish and communication skills.

You can substantially change and improve the lives of other people in need, leaving positive and lasting results. All that while learning Spanish and taking courses at a private university, in a safe and warm valley surrounded by mountains in the middle of Colombia.

During the morning you'll attend classes of your interest (depending on the availability), and have the opportunity of learning some Spanish through the courses, while sharing your time with college student from the city, and also participate in the cultural activities held on the campus. You'll have access to computer lounges, libraries and diverse activities... and yes; you'll most surely have lost of fun!

During the afternoon you would work in our Children's Center or in our Elderly Center, with children, teenagers, elderly, homeless, single mothers or in a Botanical Garden in an environmental program, depending on your areas of interest.

For more detail information on the activities you would do, please look up our projects.

Through their active involvement, our volunteers help the community to achieve different objectives, providing important contributions at local, regional and national level. Our volunteers are also provided with the opportunity of bonding with children, teens, adults and elderly persons; who will enrich their lives, in the framework of a unique cultural exchange opportunity..

Registration Fee - for all Volunteers in the program
(inc admin costs, airport pickup, city tour and transport to Ibagué)

$150 USD (approx. 375,000 Colombian pesos)

Number of weeks Includes food, accommodation, laundry services, local phone calls, internet etc.
1 week $250 USD (approx. 625,000 Colombian Pesos)
2 weeks $300 USD (approx. 750,000 Colombian Pesos)
3 weeks $400 USD (approx. 1,000,000 Colombian Pesos)
4 weeks $500 USD (approx. 1,250,000 Colombian Pesos)

Number of weeks Includes food, accommodation, some courses at the local university, laundry services, local phone calls, internet etc.
12 weeks $1,350 USD (approx. 3,375,000 Colombian Pesos)
24 weeks $2,400 USD (approx. 6,000,000 Colombian Pesos)
36 weeks $3,500 USD (approx. 8,750,000 Colombian Pesos)

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Voluntary Work With children, Youth, Elderly, Homeless People And Single Mothers In Ibague Columbia

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