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Campsite & Holiday Park Job Guide

There is a huge demand for seasonal staff within the Camping Holiday Industry.

With work available, usually in the summer months and in Europe this being between March & October.

There is work available for the full season, as well as demontage jobs (Taking down the Camp Sites for winter), for a couple of weeks right at the end of the season, often demontage posts are filled internally, but there is always a few positions available.

Full Season jobs include Representatives & Children's Representatives, Drivers, Maintenance, General Assistants, Cooks & Chefs, Entertainers, Managers and more.

Especially with Camp Site Jobs Throughout Europe, Linguists are particularly sought after, for their ability to coordinate between The Camp Site Owners, The Holiday Operator, Clients and Local Services & Facilities.

If you are practical and are looking for associated winter work, you could travel Europe with maintenance teams repairing and maintaining park infrastructures.

Feedback From People That Have Worked On Campsites

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