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Childcare Work Experiences

"There's always plenty to do with your free time.  At the moment my friends and I are planning a trip.  There'll be twelve au pairs together from lots of different countries.  It should be a lot of fun!" 

Work involved running the childrens "Tiger Club". This ran from 10 - 12 and again at 4 - 6. The age range of the kids were 5 to 12 and I had to think up activities they all wanted to do. On some Saturday mornings I had to help clean the vans and everyday after Club I had to visit all the new arrivals onsite.

I loved my job! I made the kids smile and they all loved Tiger Club. Alot of them gave me their e-mails after, it was so sweet.

The most enjoyable part was playing with the children. I also organised a kids act in the Friday night Rep Show.

The least enjoyable part was cleaning the caravans. If we were busy, I'd have to help out cleaning the vans on Saturday mornings and I hated it. I saw some really disgusting things....

I would really recommend this job to others. It was the best job I've ever had! I'm returning as a Children's Rep again this year but with another company in Portugal.

"I went to America not knowing anybody.  On the first day I'd already made friends that I still see.  My group of friends were really nice.  It could not have been better!"

Work involved running a kids club and dealing with customers, cleaning as well.

I got a good tan, made many friends and met lots of people.

The most enjoyable part was the sun and the well earned time off. Some families were also very generous with their tips !

The least enjoyable part was that it can be very tiring and difficult when the weathers not good. Also the accomodation isn't always the best.

I would recommend this job to others but be prepared for hard work.

Eva De Jong from The Netherlands worked as an Au Pair in America with Au Pair America

" The experience of being an au pair is great!  You get a chance to get to know yourself, others and America - and the feeling of being able to help a family raise their children and making friends from all over the world is unbelievable "

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