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La Casa Los Gorriones Orphanage In Ayacucho, The Poorest Region In Peru.Look For Volunteers Of All Ages And Backgrounds

Each years volunteers of all ages and backgrounds come here with an open heart and a yearning to make a difference.

They have become a precious presence for la Casa and the children. Without volunteers our work would be much more difficult. Not only do they bring their physical help, they also add colour, new ideas and a wonderful energy from around the world, thank you all!!

Our philosophy is that anyone who desires to help make a difference does not have to pay to come here to volunteer. Since our activities and programs rely solely on private donations, we don’t have extra funds at our disposal. For those who are able, we ask that they make a contribution to the cost of food for the volunteers’ house. Volunteers come from around the world and from other Latin American countries where resources remain scarce. Some of these volunteers, while they cannot contribute monetarily, they have lots to share and we encourage them to contribute to making the world a better place.

To minimize the frequency of staff changes, we ask that volunteers stay for a period of one month. Although the children love to company of volunteers, their presence requires a period of adjustment with the newcomers. Stability is equally as important for the children of Los Gorriones

Los Gorriones provides meals for volunteers during their shiftsat the la casa. Depending on the number of volunteers, weekly schedules are sometimes established. Also, volunteers have access to a kitchen in the “volunteers house” and are welcome to shop the local market and prepare great meals at little cost.

We have a small house near la Casa especially for our volunteers. It consists of bedrooms, kitchenettes, television and video are available as are free cold showers…ha, ha…ha…

For those who prefer more privacy or who are travelling in groups, there are also local motels that can cater for the length of your stay.  We would be happy to help you find a place if you wish.

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La Casa Los Gorriones Orphanage In Ayacucho, The Poorest Region In Peru.Look For Volunteers Of All Ages And Backgrounds
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