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Carisma Peru Offer Voluntary Projects In Orphanages, Social Work, Education And Medical Centers

We offer various types of programs to satisfy the individual needs of our volunteers and to attend to the needs of our community as well. Each program has been individually selected by Carismaperu. The program allows the volunteer to interact with the community and support the local staff in their day-to-day activities.

The children will not have to pay anything for the help that is given to them. Children and adolescents offer us just a little smile which, for us and for them, is a sufficient motive to continue offering help to more people. Help will be offered in the villages surrounding Huancayo, as the statistics signal that in those villages, poverty is extreme and overwhelming.

Our program director and coordinator work closely with each volunteer to ensure that they and the participating organizations are content with the arrangements. Although we are committed to ensuring that the volunteer placements are a success, we ask our volunteers to show patience, maturity and initiative. The most successful candidates are able to be flexible and enthusiastic about working where they are needed most



Baby care houses

Social work placements with children in rural regions

Social work placement with youth and adult people

Special cases

Teaching assistants

Scholarships for students

Volunteers share a spacious home with Neto and Eli. The Carismaperu family will make you feel at home, in a family atmosphere. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable, so if you have any concerns, please let us know.

Carismaperu is an ideal place to improve your Spanish, as the staff consists of native speakers from Huancayo.

Bedrooms are available to volunteers and are assigned based on individual or group needs. Each room has basic furniture and bedding, and volunteers have access to two bathrooms with showers.

In addition, volunteers have open access to the kitchen (2 stoves, refrigerators, grocery storage, etc), the living room (cable TV, movies, karaoke, phone), and the outdoor laundry area. The residence is designed to provide a comfortable home with the support and resources of our staff, while maintaining the volunteer’s independence and privacy.

The program organises all the tours and activities with the cheapest prices because these are especially for volunteers.

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Carisma Peru Offer Voluntary Projects In Orphanages, Social Work, Education And Medical Centers
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