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Welcome to Camp Spain.

Camp Spain Is Looking For English Native Speakers To Work At Summer Camps In Spain

There's nothing else like to spend a summer in one of the top world destination. Spending from 2 to 10 weeks at a summer camp is one of the most enjoyable things that anyone can do. We know that. We have been doing it for over 5 years.

1. A job in a Summer Camp in Spain.

2. FREE accommodation during all your stay.

3. FREE meals during all your stay.

4. SALARY for general counsellor (750€ - 1.300€).

5. Specialty course Training on outdoor educational strategies, leisure and free time monitor.

6. Unrivalled support of our experience staff to help you with VISA

7. Security of mind that you're travelling with the biggest & best company in Europe.

8. Certificate & Reccommendation leter at the end of your stay.

We can't wait to bring out the best in yourself.
Let us live out this experience with you. 

More information Visit : or

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