Making the Big Move Solo

Living Abroad

August 13, 2019

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The thought of moving abroad alone could scare even the most independent of us, but venturing out on your own isn’t as scary as you may think. Relocating solo can open the door to a variety of possibilities you could have never imagined, so whether it is for your dream job or a fresh start, taking a leap of faith into the unknown is as rewarding as it is frightening. 


As the old saying goes, the world is your oyster, so grab the opportunity and get a glimpse of what the world has to offer outside of your comfort zone. Here we list 6 reasons why moving abroad alone could be the best decision you ever make, so pack your suitcase, book a flight for one and begin your next adventure! 


  1. Step out of your comfort zone! A comfort zone is named that for a is easy to want to stay where you are settled and feel comfortable, but there is a lot to be said about breaking out of your routine. Moving abroad with no one to depend on but yourself is the biggest push you can have to expand your horizons and challenge yourself to have different experiences, whilst gaining independence and confidence in your own self-sufficiency. Although at first you may feel like a fish out of water, those first few nerve wracking weeks will be a distant memory when you’re strolling around like a native! 


  1. It’s all about YOU! Moving abroad alone means you are the only person you need to look out for, so you can go wherever you want, whenever you want, to do whatever you want! Having a whole new country to explore independently, and not being accountable for anyone else leads to an immeasurable amount of freedom, as you are free to spend your weekends exactly how you (and only you) wants! 


  1. The chance to make new friends… although gaining independence and enjoying your own company is a large part of moving abroad alone, sometimes it is nice to have someone to hang out with after work! Moving abroad alone gives you the opportunity to meet a wealth of new people all with interesting stories and experiences to share, who can turn into good friends. You won’t have a ready-made friend to depend on, so it is important that you put yourself out there, maybe by joining a club or taking up a hobby, to meet people with similar interests and battle any loneliness you may feel! 


  1. The opportunity to experience a new culture! Living and working abroad is the best way you can really immerse yourself in a new culture and live like a local. It is likely that day-to-day life will differ in your new home to your old one, meaning you have the chance to gain new perspectives as you adopt the lifestyle you want. Staying for an extended period of time in a different country means you get to explore places off the beaten track and see beyond the tourist attractions to get a real taste of what life in your new home is truly like. 


  1. Enhance future career prospects! International experience is an amazing way to boost your CV and help you stand out to future employers, as it shows you are independent and passionate about your field. What’s more, experiencing a working environment abroad may inspire you to do things differently when you return and take some improved habits home with you. 


  1. Make your friends jealous… maybe this one isn’t the most important, but when your office is five minutes from the beach and you’ve had paella and sangria everyday for the past week it is hard not to brag to your friends! Having a change of pace is the perfect opportunity to evaluate what you enjoy (both in general lifestyle and in work) and help mould your decisions going forward, with the added benefit of getting to show off about your new fun lifestyle to your friends back home!