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Reach Bolivia Is An Agency Dedicated To Find Tailor Made Volunteer And Internship Positions In Bolivia

We look forward to creating positions that will suit the candidate’s profile and aim to help and work in developing countries, responding to the local demand of international knowledge and support in Bolivia.

Our mission is to create suitable positions, at affordable prices, benefiting the intern, opening the opportunity to build a CV abroad and at the same time helping
Bolivian organizations with knowledge exchange.

The vision that we hold is to create in the long run a real knowledge exchange by closing the gap between Bolivia and developed countries.

Bolivia is one of the most amazing countries in south America. It combines modern and rustic styles at every step you take in all of its cities. 

Well, so what a better thing than coming to Bolivia get to know it and its cultures while building your professional career here?.

Being an intern in Bolivia is an opportunity to put in practice all your knowledge and at the same time help with it Bolivian Organizations.

Where can I be an intern?

Opportunities are as vast as the country it self!.
We offer you the chance to create together with us your own internship.
Because they are tailor made, you can choose the internship and the organization you would like to work in.
From social oriented organizations to banking.
You tell us and we will find them for you.
Just as simple as that.

Your next question will be How much money do I need?. Well the answer is simple: NOT MUCH.

Reach Bolivia aims to help you get your way to Bolivia at very low prices. We give you the chance of  finding an internship without having to over pay for it.

Our services are divided by prices so you can choose from our flat rate of 250 USD for only the internship position to our full package of 500 USD. How? You just let us know what do you need.
Fell free to put together your own package: include what you want, take away what you don’t need!!!!

You are only paying for administrative costs of finding a tailor made internship that will truly help you and the organization.

The rest of the payments are for you to have an smooth entrence to the Bolivian culture and not worring about a thing.

We have seen a lot of interns arrive with nothing settled, and by the time they found their way through Bolivia it was time to go home. We want you to have everything already settle so you will start enjoying things from the very first day to the last.

You don't need to pay anything before you arrive to Bolivia. There are no reservation fees.

Our mission is to find the right position for the right volunteer.
Our vision is to give the volunteer the opportunity to realise their potential to effect society positively.

Reach Bolivia has contact with various organizations that accepts volunteers for long or short term; remember that volunteering only takes place in Social Organizations.

Positions in orphan's houses need to have a special permission that Reach Bolivia will get for you.
There are some other institutions where you can work without permission.

Disabled children house hospital
Teenagers houses
Disabled adults programs
Small children from 0 to 8 orphan houses
Women’s Jail
Rehabilitation house for drug and alcohol abuse. And more

Prices and Services

Internship Price

Full package

The Internship has a fix cost of 500 USD. That is paid only once and is independent of the time you spend in Bolivia. This price includes the following:

  • Airport pick up
  • Off country crash course
  • On country crash course
  • Internship  position
  • Home stay arrangement: We will find the perfect house for you according to your needs.
  • 8 hours of Spanish lessons
You can choose to book all of our services or only some of them
so feel free to tell us exactly what do you want.

This is for people who may want to find their own accommodation and information in Bolivia.

Fix cost 250 USD, which includes:
  • Position finding
  • 4 hours of Spanish lessons
  • Brochure regarding security information.
Full package: 500 USD
  • Airport pick up
  • Off country crash course
  • On country crash course
  • Home stay for 30 days including breakfast (single room, shared bathroom)
  • 4 hours of Spanish lessons.

You can choose to book all of our services or only some of them
so feel free to tell us exactly what do you want.

Low cost Package: 100 USD
  • Volunteer position finding
  • 4 hours of Spanish classes
  • Homestay arrangement (you will pay for your rent).

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