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The El Nahual Community Education Center Looks For Volunteers To Work In It's Community/Teaching Projects Within The Town Of Xela/Quetzaltenango

El Nahual is a non-profit community center and Spanish school that invests all its profits back into the educational projects we coordinate. We are located just outside of the city center so that we
can service some of the poorest communities in Quetzaltenango.

Our Spanish school helps fund our volunteer programs, which attracts international students and volunteers from all around the world. Students at El Nahual largely make up our volunteer staff as English,
art, mathematics and/or music teachers in our educational programs for children and adults.

Our Programs Include:

Manos de Colores: Our flagship community development project, Manos de Colores offers educational programs at four sites in Quetzaltenango.  Volunteers are needed to teach Spanish, English, art,
math, and music to students ages 5 to 16.

.Manos de Colores Adultos: El Nahual also offers a certification program for adults, ages 15 to 50, who were unable to complete their primary school education program.

Community Garden: Volunteers help cultivate an organic community garden, which provides fresh vegetables to local families and non-profit organizations.

Community Education Center: Construction is currently underway on a new community education center, which will house a school, day care center, and eventually a health clinic

•  Fill out the volunteer application form below and Send To The Volunteer Coordinator Please be sure to answer all questions fully.

•  We welcome everybody who is enthusiastic about giving back to underserved community and working hard within our center, while improving their spanish.

•  Soon after we will be able to confirm that you have a place on the Volunteer program and we can start to make the necessary arrangements for you to come to El Nahual.

Volunteer Program Application Form



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Voluntary Work With The Community Of Canton Candelaria With El Nahual Centre Guatemala